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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

Seeing the potential in nettles and thorns

I met on Friday with Michael Pilarski, a Permaculture educator, author, wildcrafter, organizer of the annual Congress on Fairy and Human Relations, founder of the Friends of the Trees Society (which has sold or given away over 200,000 trees and shrubs), and local legend—a modern-day cross between Frodo and Johnny Appleseed. 

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In this lifetime I am a descendant of the first white people to set foot in North America.  My paternal grandmother traces her roots back to Capt. John Smith, of Pocahontas fame.  On my mother’s side, we were pioneer stock, settlers of the West.  Directly or indirectly we played a role in the displacement of Native people from their lands.  Countless  atrocities were committed under the banner of Manifest Destiny—the supposedly divine appointment of the White race to subjugate Native populations from sea to shining sea.

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My first art show this Thursday

My first art show is this Thursday, August 5, at Eden, 17 W. Ortega St., Santa Barbara.  I'm quite nervous and tickled about it. 

I got an embarrassing write-up in CASA, a local real estate and art scene weekly.  I'd sent a press release, which prompted a phone interview, in which I was a complete dork.  (I'm used to ASKING the questions, not ANSWERING them! )  But there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?  (Ha.  That's what we publicists say, but it's a hard truism to live with.)

The name of my show is Pastels from a Peaceful Place.  I hope it serves that end.  There's a lot of opportunity for additional peace and justice in this sweet world of ours. 


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