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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

Happy 11.11.11

Happy 11.11.11!!!

I believe Humanity itself has created this auspicious day of celebration.  I find no ancient prophecies that speak of this date...11.11.11…only some that speculate it may be associated with a more accurate rendition of the start of the Mayan calendar’s 2012.

But rather than a day of endings, Humanity has re-envisioned its future and collectively chosen this day as a day of new beginnings—a day of ascension—not in physical form, but in consciousness.  It is our commitment to change, to transformation, to Oneness, that has created this vision of an opening, a portal, a pathway to God.  We are creating this reality.  And when Humanity acts, Providence moves also. 

Indeed, I hear there is great joy and celebration on the other side of the veil that Humanity has finally realized what free will and co-creation are about.  We say; we choose; and we choose life.  We choose Oneness.  We choose peace, love, and a world that works for everyone.

Happy 11.11.11!

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Let the new world begin today

This week we await with anticipation a numerically special day—11:11:11.  The Goodman family has its own reason for celebrating this occasion: it is the day our quadruplets (my sister's children, my parents' grandchildren) celebrate their eighth birthday.  My sister has always believed their birthdate to be significant, reflecting the birth of four "ones" at the same time: 11:11.  Like the fictional Four Musketeers, her children are One for All and All for One.

This week's date--11:11:11--places even greater emphasis on oneness. How many “ones” does humanity need to grasp the truth that all are One? That there IS only One of us here? One in all its splendiferous permutations.

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Lessons from the plant world

“No striving.”That’s what the plant said to me.

I was lying in her shade, stroking her leaves, inhaling her lemony scent, and hoping I was offering her something in exchange for all she was giving me. That was our assignment: to go make friends with a plant, as we would a human being.

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