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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

In the belly of the beast

So here I am at CEO Space International's December 2011 Free Enterprise Forum.  The information they're throwing at us is stunning.  We' re being presented with more Power Point slides, concepts, due diligence details, and sheer introductions to new people and ideas than a sedentary brain can readily accommodate.  I know my own brain has been alarmed into hyper-alert: What the heck?!  She's learning again? Let me reactivate that program...

The desert in winter is beautiful, as is our four-star hotel.  But the city (Henderson, NV) is a ghost town--an extravagant wasteland, a requiem to profligate overconsumption.  Miles of Italian stone, painted ceramic tile, and 50-foot-tall palm trees gaze out over artificial lakes, dead golf courses, and abandoned, albeit brand-new condominiums, hotels, and clubhouses, windows dark, no one home.  No one will ever be home.

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Game time

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 10-day business conference in Las Vegas. I’ll be staying at the Loew’s Resort on the Lake at Henderson; not on the strip, so perhaps I will be in a tad more Earth-like environment than Las Vegas proper.

Still, 10 days at a business conference at a “four-star” Las Vegas resort feels about as diametrically opposed to the summer I spent sitting out with my Native American spiritual teacher as a girl can get.

Although just as nervous-making.

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If you want to be a rebel, be kind

I really can't improve upon this story of love in action from Occupy Oakland, nor upon this young man's commitment to nonviolent transformation of our planet.  God bless him.  http://www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=127 . The full text follows. 

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