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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

When the apprentice is ready

I’ve been back home in Ojai for 10 days now—and had a smile on my face nearly every waking moment--from the time I followed Highway 33 through the Cuyama Valley over the Topa Topa Mountains and down into this sacred valley to this afternoon, when I at last had a moment to sit down and write this blog.

I made it home in time to spend the last week of summer vacation with my niece and nephews—my sister Beth’s quadruplets who are now seven years old. Through the grace of God and a private investor, my sister has bought a triplex in Summerland, a tiny coastal community perched on a hillside overlooking the Pacific just south of Montecito. She will be moving from Yuma as soon as the current tenants move out, a few repairs and remodels are made, and her possessions down-sized and relocated from Arizona. The kids will attend Summerland Elementary School, where their combined first- and second-grade class will include only 19 students and a pair of teachers. In the meantime, they’re staying with us.

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Pressing onward

Last week was rough: in addition to Congress selling out the country for a "deal" on the deficit, my beloved Prius remained in the shop until Friday. A packrat ate through the wiring harness ($5,000), resulting in short circuits to the inverter and ABS systems ($6,000)...and then the car still wasn't operating properly: two of its computers weren't speaking to each other. Thank God insurance covered all but the deductible and the cost of the replacement car rental.

To make matters worse, I woke up with a serious eye infection on Tuesday. I thought I could treat it with antibiotic ointment from a previous infection, but by Wednesday had to be driven to the Eye Center in Wenatchee--and then had to be driven back on Friday when the other eye became infected.

I was thinking the universe--or at least my tiny corner of it--sure didn't want me to leave the Methow--which my break with Se Olum had put me in mind to do.

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A break with my teacher

After two beautiful nights sitting out at Pipestone Canyon, I had a major falling out with my teacher on Saturday. The precipitating factor was poor organization of a tournament he’d asked me to collect the money for, but the underlying issue was my growing unwillingness to submit to his authority—to his occupation of the place in my consciousness that properly belonged to Spirit—or, at the very least, to me.

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