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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

We are not alone

This weekend I completed the first direction of the Inka Medicine Wheel, a shamanic training program derived from the Q’ero Indians of Peru, descendents of the Inkas, the builders of Machu Picchu. The yearlong program immerses participants in wisdom from each of the four directions. When one is finished, one has completed one’s portable altar—one’s “mesa”—and become a “full mesa carrier.”

We enter the Medicine Wheel in the South, where we embrace the archetype of the Great Serpent—Sachamama—who teaches us to shed our past the way a snake sheds her skin—all at once, rather than piece by piece—never to put it on again.

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The river of my life

My life is a swiftly flowing river.  It is clear, cold, still and deep in parts, but right now it is rushing over stones, tumbling down a mountainside. There is debris in the river--sticks, old tires, plastic bags--the debris of crumbling paradigms.  There are also many people in the river--some panicking as they are swept away; others trying to maintain their sense of adventure and community; still others trying to channel the river, care for the river, clean the river, protect the river.  I am alternately all of these.  I love the river as I love life.  The river is life.  It is love, it is clarity, it is healing, it is goodness itself--but at the moment I am being rushed along by the flow.  I would like it to slow down.  I would like to get my feet under me, or establish some sense of balance or direction...but at least there are times when I am OK to trust the river and go with the flow.  Carry me home, ancient river.


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The unified field

There is a unified field.

There is a unified field that connects everything—the dimmest star and the brightest searchlight; the tiniest amoeba and the monster hurricane; Wall Street criminals and beggars in Calcutta.h

We are all embedded in this field; hence, what we do affects the cosmos.  The joy with which I greet the day sends ripples to the coast of Kenya  The disdain with which I eye a bigot revereberates in

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Seeding the unified field

An online friend posted yesterday:  "I wonder what would happen if EACH of us just decided to switch our inclination to focus on the negative or the need to be right, refusing to focus on dire predictions, refusing to be unkind, refusing to be hopeless, refusing to do the wrong or lazy thing, refusing to be selfish or self-centered, refusing to pander to our fears, refusing to look the other way in the face of injustice...  no matter what was happening around us..... no matter what choices others made?

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