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Welcome to my blog, a quasi-weekly column on topics and issues that have my attention, or that are intended to inform or inspire--including the following reminder:

"Realize why you're here, and be about it!"

Negotiating tragic contradictions

On the new moon I conducted my first fire ceremony in the Inka medicine way: opening sacred space; calling in the spirits of the four directions; offering oil to the fire on behalf of Mother Earth, the four directions, and myself; blowing my prayers into a stick and releasing the energy of the sticks by placing them in the fire; thanking jaguar  for honoring me with her presence the last two weeks, and welcoming the spirit of hummingbird going forward. I prayed for Mother Earth--Pachamama--and offered my prayers to the fire in the form of another stick.

The Inka say this is the time of "patchakuti," the turning over of the Earth, the time when indigenous wisdom will again be honored and we will heal the damage we have done to our planet.

Yesterday was International Water Day, a day when we draw conscious awareness to the preciousness of water, to the importance of access to clean water, and to the dwindling supplies of fresh water worldwide.  The night before, the Jim Lehrer Newshour had introduced a new series on "Dealing with Climate Change," profiling communities in Texas that are literally running out...or have run out.  Margaret Warner had the lunacy to say, "That was my favorite segment--the one about the man who is collecting rainwater in tanks, and people saying that rainwater makes your hair fluffier." 

Right. We're drilling wells to ever greater depth to mine groundwater. We're reducing the recharging of our groundwater through rainwater collection systems--but, hey, we've got fluffy hair.

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Sometimes forgiveness is the only prayer

Sometimes forgiveness is the only prayer that’s possible; the prayer that must be said before any more good can come our way.

Why?  Why do we have to forgive?  Couldn’t we pray instead that no one ever gets hurt?

Sure.  And it’s about as likely as leaving this life someway other than dead.

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For this and so much more

Sometimes the only appropriate prayer is one of gratitude.

A week ago my sister went back into the hospital in an ambulance, writhing in pain. Today, she’s in Yuma, pulling together a city-wide event, health restored. She’s the mother of four eight-year-olds and the person I turn to for support in living my truth. Thank you, Creator, thank you.

Last Saturday, in defiance of all material appearances, I purchased an airline ticket for my shamanic journey to Peru in April. My husband Micheal supported me in taking this leap of faith. Thank you, Creator, thank you.

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