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How the Universe loves us

In indigenous cosmology, the Universe is alive: imbued with the sacred, animated by God—who loves her creation, as she loves herself.

Since the Universe is made of God and since God loves God, it follows that the Universe loves us. 

But my mind rejects that thought.


How can I accept that GOD loves us, loves her creation, but not that the Universe, or even the planetary portion of it—that Gaia—does?

Is it because I don’t really believe that the Universe is conscious? 

Partially. I know that animals are conscious; I’ve had direct experience of that fact. I’ve even had direct experience of the care and kindness of the stars, the ground beneath my feet, the warming sun, the gentle rain. I’ve read and believed the accounts of indigenous people who commune with the elements and are told where to find water, or game, or something else that they need. In other words, I believe there is a consciousness they are tuning into that communicates with them.

But loves them?

Is it because it sounds too grandiose?  The UNIVERSE—the cosmos, the INFINITE—loves humanity? Why? How? Humanity is so small. So inconsequential. And that’s speaking of us en masse, forget about puny individuals.

It’s also a little too egocentric. Of course humans would like to think the Universe loves them. After all, for centuries we believed we were the center of the galaxy and burned at the stake anyone who dared to suggest otherwise.

But indigenous people aren’t grandiose, or egotistical. They’re reporting what they’ve experienced. And they’re also fully willing to believe that the Universe (the Creator) is angry with them, or punishing them, as well as looking out for them.

No, it’s Westerners, those of us who believe in the scientific method, who think that it’s grandiose and egocentric to think that the Universe loves us. 

Maybe the Universe doesn’t love Westerners; just indigenous people.


A new film I profiled briefly in the February issue of The MOON magazine (www.moonmagazine.org), The Blue Jewel, asks the questions: “What would our Earth be like if man would understand that he and the Earth are one? That we humans are made of the same material as a volcano or a rainbow and that the Earth’s pulse beats to the rhythm of our own? That Gaia loves us?”

The film’s maker, Oliver Hauck, travels to various planetary healers—Native American elders and other men and women who have taken it upon themselves to speak for the Earth and to call humans into alignment with her—to share their messages with us.  

One of the film’s featured healers, Pepper Lewis, is a trance medium for Gaia, who tells us that our careless actions do not so much harm the Earth as ourselves. Gaia can heal; can rebalance herself; can even create new oceans if we kill our current ones. Humanity, however, is not so fortunate. We need the Earth, who does care for us, who does want us to be well, although she must also be concerned about the good of all. She recommends that we align ourselves with her. To realize that we and the Earth are one.

I recently came across a website that described how individuals connect with, commune with, even something as seemingly impersonal as the weather. The site is www.shamanscircle.com, and the writers were talking about weather shamanism.

I was intrigued by this website’s blog, which described individuals’ journey into the spirit of the storm Nemo, which recently “lashed” the East Coast (to use the New York Times’ descriptive adjective) , and discovered this:

“As we drummed for a workshop in Bozeman, Montana, during Nemo's northeast sojourn, we did a Middle World journey to the storm and repeatedly heard, "The gates are open. We walk again." And at the callback, "Your world now dreams great storms."

“Here is a sample of journeys by our weather circle, before, during, and after Nemo.

“I checked in with Nemo and got a playful energizing message: Here is another manifestation of unity – we are all in this together. Star tlooking at the landscapes in larger chunks. Not state by state – but in terms of the whole eastern hardwood forest ecosystem. Think big as you stride towards oneness."  – Anna

“So…here are the results of my journey. Intent: Journey to spirit of New England blizzard named Nemo to learn. I was told that much of the dense population and political power resides in the North and Eastern portion of your United States. Weather has given ample warning in order to be prepared and lives to be spared. Those who have ignored weather and the warnings of weather are now beginning to wake up and listen. Weather systems are great teachers to the masses because they are physical evidence, which humans tend to require, that change has come to the planet, and that earth must be respected.

“The last two major storms in this area were a joining together. This illustrates the power of joining together and can be taken to the people to join together in an effort to effect change toward the fouling of your world.  The water from the snow melt of this storm will be very important to many. Everything that Weather does is in accordance with the needs of the earth. Are you listening?”         – Barbara

“I asked the storm last night for it to share anything it wanted with me, as it moved its fingers toward Nova Scotia. It told me it was here to connect us to our history and our stories. I welcomed the storm and asked for its grace and wisdom. It's still moving through but it hasn't been very big.Just a winter storm so far. Not like some of you are experiencing.”        – Beth

“I journeyed late Friday to the coming storm, going out to greet it with all my helpers the way a feudal lord and retainers would greet a passing king or queen. The storm was very, very strong, but benign and gentle in personality, spreading moisture where the land and trees need it, circulating the airs to freshen them. Nothing aggressive, nothing punitive, didn't much care about humans (we're such a small part of its whole world) except with kindness (the way I might feel about one small wildflower species.)”       – Chris

“I journeyed to Nemo with my weather spirit friend/ally, Snow, to learn Nemo's purpose and to ask if I could help.  I also asked him if he could/would consider being gentle with us, particularly with my 91 year-old mother who lives alone.

“Nemo (he's okay with the name) and Snow are old friends and were happy to see each other. Nemo appeared as a youthful, clean-shaven, handsome man in a dark cloak. His work is to bring back winter to places that need winter's gifts of a cold blanket for the earth, to restore some seasonal harmony that has been disrupted by our global warming activities. He explained that humanity's tampering and altering and disrupting climate was harmful to others besides ourselves and that the rest of creation (including humans) needs winter to be healthy and harmonious with the spirits of creation itself (a restoration — or movement toward that— of harmony between all of creation and that energy which creates our earthly life). His work is to bring winter's gifts. His instructions were for me (and others) to receive his presence with gratitude interlaced with joy. ‘Be grateful for the snow, the crisp air, the playtime with children and with Nemo; be grateful for our warm home when we need refuge from the cold and wet.  Be gratitude-filled and joy-filled throughout.’ He seemed a happy, loving spirit doing his thing for the sake of creation.

“Nemo then allowed me to merge with him for a bit…WOW!!!!!  Such power, joy, serenity, and love…I can't describe any more than that. I felt a bit dizzy when I returned from my journey.

“Now back to shoveling…with joy and gratitude of course!”     – Dave

 “I had a great day observing Nemo dancing around here. I was particularly drawn to the restful energy that she brought in with her. I was literally lulled into a trance like state by her energy so journeying was easy…in fact I kind of felt like I was journeying all day long on Saturday! I was particularly drawn to staring into the small snow tornadoes that whirled around the house. They were happy and care free…seeming to not have a care in the world about colliding with anyone or anything.  

“My journey with Nemo was simple in that her message was one of peace and tranquility. She said she was bringing an element of calmness that was needed in this region of the world and she was sweeping out an excess of mental energy that was interfering with spiritual progress. It was a lovely visit, and as I said previously I felt very held and lulled into a deep state of rest during her visit.”    – Dory

“When I checked in with the Spirit of the storm, the message was soft power, very present and very powerful. I was gifted with teachings about soft power—how to be powerful without the edge. There was a trying on of different powers to help understand soft power.”         – Elaine

Reading these sweet impressions gave me a sense of how I might tune into the Weather, into as impersonal and “inanimate” a power as Weather, and from those experiences gather my own impression of how the Universe, as represented by Weather, feels about humanity.

And another thing.

As I described in the previous post, the February issue of The Sun features an interview with naturalist Rupert Sheldrake, who hypothesizes the existence of a morphic resonance field, a unified field, to which all beings contribute, and from which all beings draw. The field explains how murmurations of birds, or schools of fish, can wheel and swirl, effortlessly, as one. It also explains how people can sense who is calling them on the phone; or when someone is staring at them. It affects collective memory, or consciousness, to the extent that people solving Tuesday’s crossword puzzle on Wednesday do so more easily than people who solve it on Tuesday. Wednesday’s puzzlers are drawing on the unified field, the communal memory, the collective unconscious. Have you not marveled at how intuitively children take to digital electronics? Sheldrake’s theory explains it: the morphic resonance field.

If even science is suggesting that we really are all connected, is it such a leap to think that our connection is love? Or as the metaphysicians say, “Love Intelligence,” aka GOD, which permeates the Cosmos?

If we’re all connected by Love Intelligence, maybe it’s not too much to think that the Universe really does love us.

Let’s love it back.

And so it is.


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