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The contractions of childbirth

Like a lot of people, my husband and I have struggled financially for the last four years.  We’ve lost jobs, clients, income, our retirement accounts, and personal savings.  We’ve been in an extended period of contraction.

When I look around, I see that we’re not alone.  As many as 99% of us are also experiencing contraction.  However, as a mother, I can say with certainty, I’ve been here before, and difficult as they may be, contractions are the good news because they mean the baby’s coming. Contraction are the earthquake of childbirth.  The old world is crumbling; its time is up.  A new world is being born, and we, the ones who have longed for it, are its birthing mothers. 

A laboring mother doesn’t want to resist the contractions.  Resistance and fear just prolong the process.  A laboring mother needs to relax and breathe into the contractions.  She lets them wash over her like a wave.  And in between, she stokes the fire of anticipation of the baby coming. 

In our case, that means we want to breathe life into the vision of this world we’re giving birth to. We want to make it big and expansive—a world of every good thing for all! A world where peace breaks out spontaneously.  Where the Earth is honored as sacred and treated accordingly.  Where every child is acknowledged as coming into this world with a gift.  Where society’s task is the joyful cultivating of this gift so that it can be given. 

Of course we’ve lost our jobs, our way of generating income in the old world.  That’s so we’ll get busy building the new economy—the new skills, the new currencies, the new social contracts—that will employ us in the future.  This is no small undertaking.

Readers of Louise Hay and other Science of Mind authors know the saying, “In the law of supply and demand, demand comes first.” We must identify the need, the potentiality waiting to come forth, for it to appear.

So all this contracting we’re doing?  That’s creating the demand.  The old world doesn’t work for everyone.  It works very well for Wall Street financiers and a few privileged CEOs; it doesn’t work at all for the Earth.  The new world will.

And so it is.

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