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The unified field, revisited

I read in the February issue of The Sun an interview with Rupert Sheldrake, a naturalist with a PhD in biochemistry and a prize in botany from Cambridge University, who has spent his whole life in prestigious scientific positions...fellowships at Harvard and Cambridge, director of studies in biochemistry and cell biology...and has rejected much of that science.

He proposes that science, by dissembling life into parts, has missed the whole, has taken a wrong turn, has beome so blind to some fundamental truths that the paradigm will eventually fall apart.

Sheldrake has written about the 10 dogmas that are holding science back, but my interest is not so much in these, but in the theory that Sheldrake proposes in their place, that of morphic fields, to which all organisms—and even inanimate matter--contribute and from which all organisms draw.

For me, the most exciting aspect of Sheldrake’s theory relates to its implications for memory.  It says that memory is not stored in the brain, any more than programs are stored in your television. They are stored in the morphic field and accessed by the brain—yours, or anyone else’s. 

These morphic fields are stronger among members of the same species, and stronger still among members of the same racial, ethnic, and especially, familial groups. They help to explain why flocks of birds or schools of fish can wheel simultaneously; they share a morphic field. They help to explain why 80% of people have had the experience of thinking about someone who then calls; they felt it in the morphic field.  Or that 70% - 97% of people have had the experience of knowing they are being stared at—which is why hunters, martial artists, private detectives, and others know not to look too intently or too long at their subjects, because it tends to alert them.

In his autobiography, Of Water and the Spirit, West African shaman Malidoma Somé reported that he did well on his exams in Western colleges and universities by looking at his professors and “downloading” the answers (my metaphor) from them. The Silva Mind Control Method, popular in the ‘70s, operated on a similar principle, counseling students not to fear exams, but rather to relax and tap into the answers, which existed in the shared field f human consciousness—even if they were not currently accessible in their own brains.

Sheldrake reports that people who wait to do the Tuesday crossword puzzle on Wednesday solve it more easily—because the shared experience of thousands of people solving the puzzle has assisted them.

Contributions to the morphic field—or the unified field—carry across generations and perhaps explain why young people seem to have an affinity for computer/smartphone/digital technology their parents don’t possess. The kids really did acquire the knowledge through osmosis—they picked it up from the morphic field, which was enriched by all of us “pioneers” who had to learn the technology the old-fashioned way—through trial and error.

Being a student of shamanism, the morphic field theory validates the veracity of shamanic journeying, or intuitive knowing. Shamans, intuitives, and empaths are simply more adept at tuning into the morphic field. Yet this is a sensitivity that anyone can acquire, simply by taking off the blinkers of western “rationalism” and tuning in.

Carl Jung proposed the existence of a similar field, the collective unconscious, while Hinduism postulates that all knowledge, experience, and memories are stored on another plane of existence in the akashic records.

Now to the really exciting part: the existence of a morphic or unified field postulates a mechanism for the notions that “thoughts create reality,” and that by “changing our thoughts, ourselves, our perceptions, we are changing the world.” By responding peacefully to a provocative situation, we contribute peace to the morphic field. By responding lovingly to life challenges, we contribute love to the morphic field. By not fearing strangers, or Muslims, or immigrants, we contribute that possibility to the field. By holding the intention of healing of the Earth and “all our relations,” we nurture that possibility in the field. 

Physical reality can change at the speed of thought—in any direction. So mind your thoughts…and bless the world.




Carl Jung proposed a similar field, the collective unconscious, while Hinduism postulates that all knowledge, experience, and memories are stored on another plane of existence in the akashic records.


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