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What Alchemy Does

Alchemy is a public relations, marketing, and development firm specializing in service to authors, activists, visionaries, healers, environmental and green energy companies, human service agencies, and other mission-driven organizations.

We delight in sharing the heroic ways that people are using their creative powers to make a difference (What We Believe).  Our job is to tell your story to the world in ways that move your audience to action: to support your work, invest in your mission, choose your product, volunteer their time, inform their friends. 

Like magic, investors, donors, clients, employees, and the general public can appreciate the significance of who you are and what you offer.  Similarly motivated partners and allies can join forces with your mission. Your efforts gain momentum. Your mission becomes fulfilled.

How Alchemy works

We tell your story from the inside out--in different formats for different audiences: in grant applications, newsletters, and direct mail solicitations for donors; through business plans, annual reports, investor updates, and web content for stockholders; in advertisements, press releases, brochures, and news articles for customers and the general public.

Who benefits?

We all do: your mission, your clients, the donors who get to participate, the companies who get to succeed, and best of all, the world we call home. Everyone can use a little Alchemy.

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